Kiaya Rose Dilsner-Lopez is a storyteller who works to create space for the mythologies of multicultural voices. As lead writer of Cooties Zine, Kiaya Rose interviews and translates the perspectives of women creators around the world. She is also the poet and artist of the exhibit Mezclar (“To Mix”), where she showcased a development of queer Chicana consciousness through portraits. As a Fulbright scholar, she has created libraries, writing centers, and community engagement projects at Brazilian schools and universities. Today, Kiaya Rose lives in New York and works on her novel on Mexican-American woman narratives.

My Feminism is the Power of our Word. It’s Kind and Queer—Mestiza and Singing. My Feminism is Intersectional: A Voice in a Harmony. My Feminism is Celebration: An Act of Love to my World.
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